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Story Mapping

Story Maps are a different way to visualize your Product Backlog. This post will give you a brief intro so you can build your own.

What’s the Problem

We all know that the Product Backlog is the prioritised list of user stories we need to implement in up coming releases. So what are the problems that exist with a backlog that might cause us to look at another tool to use in conjunction with the backlog.

  1. Backlogs are usually lists in Excel and make it difficult to visualise what needs to be done.
  2. There is no way to show a connection between a larger feature and the 3 smaller stories that make up that feature in a backlog.
  3. The order of workflow is not visible in stories in a backlog.
  4. Usually release scoping happens at the larger feature level since it’s unwieldy to work at the lower story level when planning releases.
  5. Backlog’s don’t offer any way to confirm if you’ve covered everything. Read more

Breaking Down User Stories

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The Importance of Vision

I have spent a lot of time working with ScrumMasters and teams doing root cause analysis of their problems, and very often one of the main root causes of a number of issues is a lack of a vision of where the product or team is going. Unfortunately vision is a much abused term in business today, and most attempts to create one involve glazed looks from people who have attended one to many corporate seminars that didn’t lead anywhere.

So I spent some time brainstorming with my team exactly why we think a vision is necessary. We came up with 3 reasons that we think teams need vision:

  • To unify, because we gain momentum if we all pull in the same direction.
  • To inspire, because we enjoy work more if we understand how we are contributing.
  • To empower, because we make better decisions and take responsibility if we can visualise the outcome. Read more

Release Planning with Scrum

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Fixed Date Fixed Scope Scrum

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